Navimag – Fjords of Southern Chile

Originally Navimag was a transport service used just for goods and livestock. Over the years more and more tourists were interested in the journey; with the chance to see wildlife and and beautiful landscapes more and more people were attracted to the journey.

Tourism is now a major part of the service that Navimag offer. It is not cheap but it gives you the chance to see Whales, dolphins, penguins as well as good experience on board.

The service is available between Puerto Natales to Puerto Mont. It takes 3 nights on the ship which takes you though tight fjords…


and over the open sea. Motion sickness pills recommenced for the sea part.


It did get really cold out on deck on the southern part of the trip so it’s best to wrap up warm.



There is no internet connection so it was a relief to be able to switch off.


There was a guide on the ship who was a biologist that once worked for the Chilean Navy. He told us that they have spotted blue whales as well as Orcas. He claimed to have seen the biggest blue whale he had ever seen just 2 weeks before. We did manage to see whales but sadly not the big blue, there were many Minke whales along the route. They were tricky to get a picture of I managed just a few good ones.



Just got the end of the tale in this one.


On route the captain had a tradition of sounding the fog horn three times when passing a statue of the Virgin Mary for luck on the trip.


The fjords were very difficult to navigate before modern times and many ships have beached themselves. This in particular is actually sitting of another more ancient wreck, 2 4 1.

P1080696 P1080707 P1080705

This ghost ship was actually beached on purpose as part of a insurance scam! However, they did not get away with it obviously as I would not be telling you this story. The ship now as become a sanctuary for many seabirds. You can see that there are even trees growing on the thick soil which has form from bird poop.

On deck there was also a giant chessboard up the top deck.


The food on board was really good, in fact there was too much of it.

On the 3 day trip we only saw two other large boat


We did also spot a small sail boat, must be an amazing trip on on of those.

We managed to spot loads of dolphins but once again not many good photos.


Amy did manage to get this video

As well a things in the sea we also spotted many different types of seabirds including albatrosses with their huge wing spans.



Loads of random sealions



The times in between seeing sealife was spent just taking in the views.





It was well worth the trip I would recommended it to anyone, although it is down to luck if you will see any whales or not 🙂



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