Monumento Natural Los Pinguinos

Twenty two miles northeast of Punta Arenas is an amazing Island filled with penguins who have no fear of visitors.


Monumento Natural Los Pinguinos is a protected breeding island for over 60,000 breeding pairs of Magellanic penguins.

The trip is taken by boat which takes 2 hours from Punta Arenas and travels across the strait of Magellan where it is possible to see whales, dolphins and sea lions. On the way over we were lucky enough to spot some Dolphins we had never seen before they were called commerson dolphins..

Even before boat had lowered the walkway we could already see hundreds of penguins on the island though the doorway.


It was shocking how close you could get to the penguins; it was a sign that these penguins had not seen any bad treatment by human visitors; penguins were even bold enough to dig their nests on the human walkway. There were many guides on the island making sure people followed the rules so that this trust was not broken.

P1080359 P1080343 P1080335 P1080332 P1080395  P1080328 P1080324 P1080290 P1080316

It felt like we needed to take pictures of everything! After the photo frenzy had died down a bit, it was good to just take it all in. It was a great experience, if you like penguins and don’t mind the cold.

P1080373 P1080394

It was hour as we were ushered down the humans paths by the guides. One thing we noticed is that this track only covers half the island, and their is a huge part of the island which must be covered in even more Penguins.

We got back on the boat, penguined out and ready for home


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