Exploring Chile – Valparaiso 

From sitting in a boat in the Pacific Ocean miles from anywhere our next bus ride took us along Chile’s beautiful coastline to Valparaiso. A stark contrast! Valparaiso is Chile’s boho chic city attracting artists, musicians, actors and of course tourists from all over the world.


The city is a maze of artist’s work on every wall of every jumbled street. It is still used as an active port and area where the Chilean Armada have a base so it’s a permanent hubbub of noise, movement, lights and energy and you can feel it in every corner. The city still has funiculars running from the early 90’s and they are a beautiful and rustic experience with amazing views from the top.



It’s easy to see what attracts artsy types to Valparaiso and we felt quite photography (a word?!) while we were there and embraced the arty hipsters……for about 2hrs……

P1070556 P1070561 P1070562

then we had an amazing late lunch of Chorallena, the city’s favourite food (scrambled eggs with meat or seafood on a huge pile of chips) and ceviche and by then had our fill of bearded hipsters, the slight tang of urine and weed in the air and ukeleles so headed backing to our hostel and planned the next day on the beach at next door town Viña del mar.

After our pleasant beach morning in what could have been Alicante or Faro we wandered back to Valparaiso with an afternoon to waste. What better way than jumping on a quick tour boat for £2.50 each and seeing the fattest sea lion basking on his favourite buoy and piles of other sea lions just chilling in the bay.

P1070594 P1070596 P1070602 P1070600 P1070607 P1070609 P1070613 P1070616 P1070620

A few days well spent in the city but I am definitely ready to get back to the countryside!

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