Climbing Lascar Volcano

With eruptions on record since 1848 with the last in 2007 Lascar is the most active volcano in the region.



We booked a tour in San Pedro with one of the smaller tour agencies. On the day it was just the two of us and the guide in the jeep.

We set off at 5AM from San Pedro to the volcano which was about 2 hour drive across the desert. Our guide to set off earlier than other groups as there was a thunderstorm due later in the day and did not want to get caught up in it.

Before we started the climb we stopped off at the lake near the string of volcanoes. It had snowed over night, it was pretty cold at this altitude; such a change from the dry heat of the Atacama at lower altitude.

P1070072 P1070066 P1070068 P1070076

There were some flamingos feeding at the lake.


We drove over to the base of the volcano from the lake and started to ascend.

P1070088 P1070091 P1070094

The first part was not too steep and we had had some time at altitude so it was not too bad.

P1070127 P1070128

The second half of the accent was more steep and it was slow going, at this point you could really smell the sulphur. As we neared the top the smell got stronger and stronger.



The crater was huge! It has a circumference of about 3m, the other side of the crater could easily be mistaken for another mountain. The eruption that happened here was huge blowing a giant section of the mountain away.


After the crater the summit of the volcano was up the right hand side of the crater, this was much steeper than the previous parts, after a rest it was time to get to the top.

From the summit (5592m) it was possible to get a better idea of the size of the crater. The small dots at the bottom of the picture are Amy and the guide Carlos.



Some more pictures from the summit



P1070160 P1070164


On the way back we also spotted some animals 🙂


P1070222 P1070226 P1070224 P1070210 P1070207 P1070241

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