Just a normal weekend in La Paz…..

So now we kind of live here at the moment we’re still having an amazing time but the times are pretty similar week in week out. However, every now and then a few days come along and really remind me that this isn’t just ‘everyday life’ and I’m having an epic time! 

Saturday afternoon was the time, months of build up, months of grooming, gentling leading round his field, learning voice commands, trying on the bridle, trying on the saddle, attempting long reining (the less said about that the better…..) and Saturday was the day. First time on board Futuro, my little hero, my protege, the little spotty monkey who stole my heart. Would he be calm? Would he have a melt down? Should he throw me on the floor and try to stamp on my head? These were all the questions we all had as I gently led him to the mounting block (pile of earth), gingerly leant over him then hoisted myself into the saddle……he had a little step, steadied himself with this great weight on top, turned to look at my foot presumably wondering why I was no longer stood next to him, and off he ambled. Apparently completely unconcerned about the whole situation….! 

Well needless to say it all got a bit emotional! I was so proud of this once bossy, stampy and terribly nippy pony that I burst into tears at how good he had been. Futuro wasn’t sure what the issue was but wouldn’t take his face away to let me get over myself. But it couldn’t have gone better for the first time on board a 3.5yo stallion!  

Then no time to sit down and relish my achievements off we went for an adventure beyond Jupapina! A vast space we’d never had the time or inclination to see before, as when you’re living your life you don’t always step out your comfort zone. Adri, Ellie and I jumped in the pick up with maestro Humberto and rattled and bumped all the way through Mecapaca. It was beautiful. The further we drove the greener it got, the warmer it got, the more colonial the buildings were until it felt like we were in Spain in the wine region. A stark contrast to La Paz with there being air and liquid so things can actually survive! We got to ‘Valencia’ where the little town square was beautiful and on the top of the hill was a big cross with a fairly windy staircase leading up. 

We all admired it from the square…..eating our ice creams……satisfied that seeing it was enough…..well all of us but one. One had different ideas and in true Ellie style with a huge smile on her face she convinced us all to climb up to the cross! 

I guess we probably had to admit it was totally worth it as we got back in the car shattered but happy with our eventful Saturday. 

But no time to rest as it was early start for hipoterapia on Sunday morning. However, we all rather a tricky time concentrating as we had tickets to see RICKY MARTIN that evening! Now not being avid fans until said tickets were purchased, Ellie and I had spent a good week watching back to back music videos on our newly fangirl purchased DVD (thanks John for going and buying it for us ­čśé). So we were ready! Adriana being a much longer term fangirl had organised t-shirts with our names on. So as soon as we could after hipoterapia we rushed up the hill for a Ricky Martin lunch, shower, change and if we went in the Ricky bus with Emma and Bell to sit in a mad Bolivian queuing system for 5hrs to make sure we got a good Ricky seat for the Ricky show. 

Turns out that in Bolivia they don’t bother numbering or issuing seats on your ticket. It’s sort of a free for all with rules. Or organised chaos. To get the good seats you have to get in the queue hours before the show. Then you put a chalk square where your space is, add your initial, then you pay a mildly aggressive lady to watch it for you if you don’t want to wait it out yourself. There are people selling polystyrene squares to sit on to make the queuing process more comfortable, people come along from Copacabana chicken or Burger King with heated bags selling you dinner, there’s drinks and popcorn to be purchased too. All from the comfort of your polystyrene square. 

However as queues go inevitably everyone is saving a space for 10 more of their friends and as the time comes closer the queues swell, double and triple in size. We couldn’t complain as we also had 10 more Ricky fans on route to our queue space. Grumbles from queuers and close scrutiny of who was in your group meant that when the time came to go in no one would dare queue jump and you’d made friends with your surrounding queue friends and all looked out for each other. The police formed a human queue divide and had a handle on exactly which line should be allowed in first. So what looked like madness actually was a very well controlled and polite queuing experience! 

Then we were in! 2hrs of wonderful Ricky Martin tunes, 4 of which we knew……the rest we pretended to know and sung along to regardless of the language and fact we didn’t have a clue about the words. We danced, clapped and whooped like crazy people and had an epic evening! 

So with all the weekend excitement over just back to the boring grind of helping people walk again and teaching autistic kids how to ride. Hmmmm my life is just pretty fantastic right now!