Ilha Grande

This island is a 4 hour trip from Rio; it can be a quiet refuge for some to escape the city, however; it is also know for it’s parties.
To get to the island it is a 40 minute boat ride from main land.


The travel agent failed massively on this trip giving us the wrong times for the bus. They also forgot to inform us which hostel we were staying; we just assumed someone would meet us at the dock. We managed to find a hostel anyway. It was party hostel so full of kids getting drunk. The next day we found out of actual hostel was a much quieter,  the stay here was much nicer and not full of hipster kids playing a ukulele at 3am.
The island can be discovered on foot but there are also water taxis available. There are no cars on the island, this make getting around on foot relaxed.


The next day we jumped on a boat to visit Lopes Mendes beach. The beach was beautiful and  not very busy. It gives you an idea what the beaches of Rio must have looked like before all the buildings and humans moved in. In peak season I imagine it would be a different scene packed with people.


Getting to the beach was a fun trek though the jungle

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At this time of year there were not many tourists so it was relatively quiet. However, it seemed that most of the income must come from tourism. The roads are all lined with restaurants and tourist offices.
The island is a reserve site which is protected. There were also no big name shops on the island; there were also many signs saying “No Privatisation”.
On the second day we headed out on another boat ride to the blue lagoon. It was amazing. We managed to get some pictures under water:




Next we headed to another beach to have lunch.

Since the island is a tourist destination the prices of food were pretty high, especially after living in Bolivia for a few month; but it was worth it:


On the final day we had a few more hours to relax on the beach and do a bit of swimming. The water here was not as clear as the blue lagoon but we managed to get a few fish snaps:



Overall the island was a great experience a bit more on the tourist trail than before but was great to get some sun after some time in La Paz.

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