Meet Futuro! I’m in ­čśŹ

These last two months as well as seeing the amputee patients, teaching kids to ride at the weekend, training the riding ponies in the week I have also found time to fall head over heels for this little spotty monster!

This is Futuro. He is a 3yo Appaloosa colt who was an unexpected surprise 3 yrs ago when his mummy was bought for Fundacion Porvenir but it turned out she was a buy 1 get 1 free offer……..and this little terror came out. He was the first foal born here (hence the name) but is definitely not an Arab!

I am lucky enough to be here at optimal teaching time for this gorgeous boy. So have spent my time brushing, halter breaking, tying practise, feet lifting and avoiding getting nipped! We tried lunging but as neither of us know what to do it wasn’t that successful. So we tried loose lunging to give ourselves a bit more room, started well then he wandered out the arena via a tiny space behind the shed so once I’d had to fetch him back we gave loose lunging up as a bad job and had lunch instead!

He is so bossy and so confident that it’s tricky to know which of us is more bossy….or which of us knows best as we’re both convinced it’s us! But he’s getting much less bargy and I can pick up both front feet now without loosing an eye (although he does still like to sink his teeth into my backside at the same time!).

So next step will be getting a saddle on then maybe getting on! Or I could just stay on the ground and keep snuggling! !