A day in the life – Amy

So I’m going to do a ‘Dear diary’ of a normal day here just so I can remember when this all seems a long time ago! 

So a typical Monday here in La Paz. Wake up at 7am put my riding clothes on and set off to the teleferico to get to the horses. This journey takes 1hr and involves taking the teleferico for one stop in the beautiful early morning sunshine. I’d never have imagined that a gondola would form part of my daily commute! But it does! 

After that I stand on the side of the road with lots of other people hoping for a bus either to Mallasa or direct to Jupapina. The bus system here is flag down bus, wrestle for a seat, shout at driver when you want to get off. I’ve got very good at it! The writing on the buses is small and they move pretty quick so it’s a mix of skill and luck to catch a bus here! 

Then I get to Jupapina and I walk down into the valley. Beautiful views and I feel the horse relaxation as soon as I get there. 

In the week it’s so tranquil at the horse place and I either brush or ride the horses for a few hours. 

Then I walk back up the 1km steep sandy track, gasp for air at the top then flag down a bus back. If I’m lucky I get a bus to ‘Arce’ so I can take the teleferico. If I’m less lucky I end up at Plza Avaroa and then have to walk another 1km uphill and up steep steps. The bus is 2bob (20p) and the teleferico is 3bob (30p) each time. Bargain hey?
Then I have a quick turnaround, might grab a hot cheese empanada or a slice of pizza from the teleferico on route home to change. 

Then I head to the amputee clinic for the rest of the day. If Florencio is working there will be lots of patients. He can make a prosthetic leg in 2 days he’s that good. So if there are patients then I work them in the ppam aid while they wait for their prosthesis. Or if they have their prosthesis I work with them taking their first steps, trying crutches, walking outdoors, doing the stairs, trying the ramp and sometimes we head round the block to check the size and fit of the prosthesis so any adjustments can be made that day. 

They clinic work often finishes around 6pm. So then we go home, usually to collapse in a heap! 

On the days where I don’t go the horses I’ve been talked into joining the local gym. So accompanied by Beyoncé I run 4km on the running machine 2 or 3 times a week. To make up for all the cheese based goodies! 

This is a fairly typical day/week when I get a gondola to the horses and back and eat cheese based goods on route. Pretty cool life huh?