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Pampas Trip – Amazonian Birds

During our trip to Amazon basin there were a huge amount of different birds. There were so many birds we decided they needed their own blog post. So even though you’re probably thinking we stole these from the Internet…..actually we got all these shots ourselves and are pretty pleased with ourselves about it! 

Amazon kingfisher

Amazon kingfisher

Jabiru – Huge bird (over 1m tall!) which hunts anacondas for a living. Name comes from the indigenous language and means ‘swollen neck’


Black Vulture – big enough to prey on newborn cattle!

Black Vulture

Roseate spoonbill – feeds in shallow fresh or costal waters. Looks much more pink in real life!

Roseate spoonbill

Red crested cardianal – saw lots if these but not easy to photo! 

Red-crested cardianal

Razor billed curassow – hiding so we couldn’t get a great picture! 

Razor-billed curassow

Rufescent tiger heron – lives on fish and likes to live solitary

Tiger Heron

American Ostrich or Greater Rhea


Golden green woodpecker – female (obviously as she’s working hard!) 

Golden-green woodpecker

Striated Heron – ambush their prey from the bushes.

Zig Zag Heron

Black Eagle (baby one so not black yet)

Black Eagle Adult

Southern crested caracara – happy to eat carcasses or snack on live prey. This frog was lunch. 


Serere – a prehistoric bird with no scientific links to other birds! Vegetarian and lives by the river. The assumption about why it isn’t extinct is that the locals believe the meat is bad so they don’t eat these birds. 


Still working out what these guys are…….


A classic stork (sure there’s a better name for him)


The Ringed Kingfisher – tricky little chap to get to sit still for photos. They nest in a horizontal tunnel made in the river bank.

Ringed kingfisher 

Not even our guide’s bird book had this guy in…..any suggestions?


Anhinga – also called the snake bird or water turkey. 


We also managed to see toucans and some macaw parrots in flight, but we were not quick enough to get a good photo ­čÖé