Moon Valley – Mallasa

So I pass the ‘Valle de Luna’ pretty much every day when I go to the horses. I look over the fence at the crazy rock structures from the bouncy bus and think ‘I should probably visit there sometime’. Then a wonderful gringo opportunity arose and we had a lovely morning playing with the ponies, followed by a super lunch and set off 6 ‘gringos’ to explore the moon valley. (Technically 3 actual gringos, one German and us 2 Brits but in for a penny in for a pound even in current economical crisis!).

The science bit – “It comprises an area where erosion has worn away the majority of a mountain, composed primarily of clay rather than rock, leaving tall spires and deep canyons. Because the mineral content of the mountains varies greatly between individual mountains, the sides of the mountains are different colors, creating striking optical illusions.A majority of them are a clear beige or light brown color, but some are almost red, with sections of dark violet.” Direct from Wiki of course but informative none the less. 

It took us no more than 1 hour to wander round the windy paths, over the rickety bridges and through the sink hole tracks via a couple of ‘miradors’ for photos. That time included looking for viscachas (to no avail this time but here’s a picture stolen from someone else so you can see how cute they are and why we wanted to see them!)

Then we had the pleasure of a local  Bolivian man in full Bolivian dress standing on one of the rock structures playing a Bolivia flute very beautifully into the breeze. Surreal but fabulous….until he did an impression of a condor for us (very important bird in Bolivian culture) and we thought he might fall off the rock. 

Then we flagged a local family down in lieu of a bus and they got us safely back to plaza avoroa where we celebrated the day with an ice cream! 

Token selfie-