Uruguay is best Guay

After out visit to Colonia we headed to the capital Uruguay Montevideo. Our last experience in Argentina of moving from the country side to the capital was not great (Buenos Aries). However; this time we were surprised!

When we arrived at the central bus station in Buenos Aries one of the first things we saw was a group of men kicking a dog. When we arrived in Montevideo we saw a group of men collecting money for dogs home for disabled dogs. As first impressions go this was a better one.

Overall the feeling in the capital was much more safe and secure than Buenos Aries and it was easy to relax here. I found the attitude of the people to be very relaxed and friendly especially if you made the effort to speak Spanish.

As we were given the wrong address by our hotel we spent a while wondering around looking for the place. As we looked clearly lost we were approached by locals and asked if we wanted any help! Not something that happens a lot in a capital. A helpful local pointed out that the addresses did not exist as the road numbers did not go that low. Then another local called the hotel and found the real address.

Along the harbor side in Montevideo are mostly residential blocks, the view out to the sea is amazing. In each place we visited I tried to go for a run, this was easily my favorite place for a morning jog, the flat road and great views make it easy to have fun while running. They even had kilometers marked out along the road, there were so many people out running. It is a very sporty city,  with outdoor gyms every other block. The sunrise that morning from our apartment:



We decided to not jump on the tourist bus here and instead walk as much as possible. Here are a few of the sights we saw:











Fountain on lock-down:


She loves a horse


Palcio Salvo, intended to be a hotel but now private residences and offices:


The original city gate:



Angry bird spotted in the wild:


We only had a few days in the city and wish we had more time, certainly a country I would like to explore more of. One of my favorites of the trip so far. Uruguay, what a Guay.