Buenos Aires 

We have spent 6 nights in the capital of Argentina and covered miles and miles of the city. On arrival we had a bit of a freak out at the bus station in all it’s hideous glory. After asking 7 people at 5 different kiosks where and how to buy a local bus card (we are still IN the bus terminal at this point!) to take the bus we finally managed to buy a card and put some money on it (2 different places) without getting robbed so we were mildly relieved at this point. Couldn’t find the bus stop anywhere and stuck out like a sore thumb but a kind passerby pointed us to the bus we needed. 

We got to our hostel (still feeling rattled and having walked past at least 2 people screaming at bins) to find a note on the door saying ‘meet you in the pub up the road at 6.30pm’ cue further panic as it was 4pm, we had no cash and all our worldly possessions on us in what felt like a super dodgy area! After a 30min hike to a cash point we settled in said pub and were relieved to finally eat and feel a bit more safe. The steak more than made up for the 2hr jaunt though! 

It was worth it though as the hostel is absolutely beautiful. High ceilings, outdoor square with a lemon tree inside the complex, chandelier lighting and beautiful antique deco. And actually the area on closer inspection (just walking one block) is one of the chic-est areas in the city with a boho feel and tango in the square. 

We decided to be super tourists this time and took the gringo tour bus to get our bearings and cover the ground in this huge city. 

We took a two day ticket and managed to see most of the tourist sights!

Plaza San Martin (conqueror of South America and freed it from theSpanish) 

Grand palace and military base during the freedom war

Monument for those who died in the Falklands war in 1982 (wasn’t sure I should be wandering round here but John was confident I could run quick enough!) 

Eva Peron’s (Evita’s) grave in the Recoleta cemetery 

Ministry of defence 

La Boca – Art Deco area where the ‘immigrants’ first landed and made their home. Now home to artisanal markets, crafts and tango dancers. 

The obelisk monument in the centre of BA

Evita’s balcony and the town hall

We also saw the botanical gardens (no flowers or butterflies as….well it’s winter here!), the ecological park (same applies!), the hippodrome (no horses as its out of season but did see some weird rat/badger/otter things), and the Japanese gardens (same issues) so no photos as……well they weren’t very interesting in the winter! 

Tomorrow we’re lucky enough to be invited to the hostel owners family bbq so I’m predicting a lot more steak and red wine! 

Then off to Uruguay on Monday!