After the beautiful scenery and butterfly spotting of Iguazu falls we didn’t think we could be spoiled again so quickly. Then we stumbled across the hummingbird garden. WOW! Hidden down a side street in a residential area you go through someone’s garden gate and in front of you there are what feels like 100’s of birds. The noise and movement is incredible and its impossible to really describe it in words. 

​Over 35 years ago a local resident started putting sugar water out for hummingbirds in the winter when there were no flowers for them to feed from. Unbeknown to her this would turn into the most amazing garden full of hummingbirds and other birds throughout the whole year. They come from miles to feed and there are 20+ species of bird feeding here all year round. It is now a full time job and her son joked that they can’t go on holiday now as the water needs topping up throughout the day every day! 

I’m not particularly a bird person but I was mesmerised by these gorgeous little creatures and the speed they moved in the air. They weren’t phased by visitors at all and I was only jolted back to reality when the pet turtle tried to make a bid for freedom from the pond and fell back in with a loud crash and splashing me with water. Otherwise I might still be there in that garden…………