Iguazu Falls 

Iguazu falls is a naturalwater boundary which separates Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil from each other. It is also a world Unesco site  and a national park spread across two countries. 

It is the main tourist and local attraction in the area so really easy to get to and from and perfect for a day trip for those keen to walk and explore and those not. We got a local bus to the park then set off exploring. 

They have a small train connecting the different areas of the park so we hopped on that when we got into the park and headed to the ‘Devils throat’ the top of the falls on the Argentinian side. 

There is no way the photos will do this sight, sound, smell and atmosphere justice so we won’t try. But an incredible all encompassing experience of the amazing wonder of nature! 

We spent the rest of the day on foot and covered over 20km walking around the different areas of the park. 

We saw lots of different waterfalls some huge and some less so. 

We saw birds, butterflies, monkeys, turtles and coati during our adventure and the whole park was just a fascinating and incredible experience! 

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