First impressions of this country was what a contrast to Bolivia! Bolivia prides itself on everything made in Bolivia, no brand names, no advertising. Paraguay had 3 McDonalds on the first road we passed on the bus! Named brands everywhere and advertising. Strange but the first thing we really noticed were the adverts. Followed by the more diverse culture. I wasn’t as much of a ‘gringa’ here but people were less friendly too. 

We saw most of the sights of Asuncion on foot in one day. Some really beautiful Spanish style buildings. 

Some lovely parks (some less lovely ones too). 

The original rail station with lines still embedded in the road and original engine there too. 

Met a lovely museum curator who took us round ‘Benjamin Caballero’s’ original home with some fascinating handmade antique furniture and some porcelain from England (she was delighted to tell us……not sure she’d met English people before!). 

On the flip side there were also some dodgy back streets, some dodgy locals and a friendly local advising us NOT to walk the way we were walking and to go back for a different street. 

Paraguay is a mix of America, Spain and shanty towns all cobbled together in a bit of a mish mash. Was an interesting city to see but we won’t be rushing back. 

The 6hr bus journey across the country however was a different matter. I’m a country girl anyway but beautiful green fields, livestock everywhere, gorgeous little farmhouses and bungalows and it just looks ideallic.