Disability rally

People march very regularly in Bolivia about different topics to get their voices heard by the government. At the weekends and most public holidays there are peaceful protest marches in and around the main cities and people come together to support each other and the marches. 

Right now there is a political situation at the moment in Bolivia specifically in La Paz regarding people with disabilities and the government. The government officials are all based in La Paz although it is not the official capital of Bolivia, Santa Cruz is, La Paz takes on the persona of the capital of the country. For this reason is it the focus of the current protest of people with disabilities. 

They have marched from Cochabamba to La Paz over the course of the month of April and have been here for the whole of May staging a peaceful sitting protest. Sadly here it is not as peaceful as it could be and on occasion the police are using water cannons, pepper spray, and occasionally some physical force to prevent the protesters moving around the city or getting near official buildings. 

It is very sad to see people driven to sleeping in tents in -9C at night here and out on the streets surrounded by police in the daytime with the disabilities and long term conditions they suffer with. But it’s also difficult for the government as there is only so much money and what comes out of one pot to go into another means another pot is without. 

We are impartial regarding the politics but have been out offering leaflets and flyers about the charity to any amputees present at the protests as that’s why we’re here.