Share a Dream

We’ve been lucky enough to be at Funprobo when the boys from Share a Dream visited.
We met Oli, Guillarme  and Nicolas who are travelling South America supporting small grassroots charities by filming and making videos to capture the work of the charity and alongside they look for companies to sponsor each individual charity. They are really proactive and really positive and the end result is a plan to pay for training for a second prosthetist for Funprobo. This had been made even better by the team selecting to send the nephew of Florencio, our current prosthetist, as the beneficiary. This has shown Florencio how much we all appreciate his work and how the charity wants to invest in his and his family’s future as well.

The guys have filmed for a week including me working with the patients and a small bit about being a volunteer here in Bolivia. Video will be up on their site in a month or so.