Pony plans!

So I’ve decided (with the advice and support of my knowledgeable horsey peeps back home) that I’m going to aim to get a pony (or two) fit and smart enough to enter e-dressage! 

So I have a bit of work to do but I’m aiming to get Diana a lovely grey 5yo with a foal at foot into shape for the first test. 

Then perhaps with my brave pants on I can get Sonato the 5yo Arab stallion round another! 

In addition at the horse therapy charity we’re also embracing the world of dressage with a plan to get 4 of the boys competing at a walk trot test by the end of their 10 week Hipoterapia program. 

Humberto the owner has made me all the school letter markers so we look like proper pros now!
Ambitious? Maybe but I do like to be busy!!!