First (hopefully of many) FUNPROBO success story!

My first patient to leave the clinic beaming from ear to ear and walking beautifully with one crutch on his new prosthesis walked out today. He is happy for his story to be shared. 

Lucas was a bus driver still working at 61years old and had a bad accident in Dec last year involving another vehicle. He survived but others didn’t but the result was he lost his leg below the knee. 

Due to the stigma around disabilities here in Bolivia he had then refused to leave his house in case his neighbours and other people saw him until last week when he came to the clinic for the first time. Initially very shy and as he lives so far away from the clinic he had to stay in town and as a result was dropped off at the clinic at 8am and waited there until 6pm to be picked up. So he soon warmed up to us (10hrs a day with people can do that to you!).

He was the first patient here to really get to grips with the ppam aid and he used it 2,3 or 4 times a day while he was at the clinic. Often I’d have to wrestle it off him and convince him to have some lunch or at least a rest. His motivation and attitude was phenomenal. 

His prosthesis was made within the week and he put it on for the first time on Wednesday. Partly due to his motivation, partly due to how recently he’d had his amputation and I like to think partly due to his work in the ppam aid he left wearing it and beaming on Thursday. 

I have learnt a lot from Lucas in that short time which I’m sure will help me understand more and improve my work with people in his situation in this country. His legacy that I won’t forgot is “saca pecho meta culo” a direct translation of “shoulders back bottom in”!! And perhaps should really have been the title of this post! One very proud Physio here.