Climbing Chacaltaya


It’s hard to breathe at 5,421 meters.

Both Amy and I had some doubts about climbing to the peak of this mountain; considering a week before we were out of breath just climbing the stairs in our apartment.

Rather that use a tour guide our friends Mathias and Kristen recommended we save money and just DIY. Mathias managed to negotiate for a Taxi, most taxi drivers were not interested in driving up to the mountain; until we found one who had never been, the driver ended up coming along for the hike!

After being on a bumpy dirt road for 45 minutes I realised why the other taxis were not interested, the city taxi seemed out of place tackling the mud and uneven roads alongside the 4×4 tour vehicles. The drive up to the climbing point was exciting already with sheer drops off a cliff face just a foot from the car.


Chacaltaya is host to the worlds highest elevation ski facility and right next door to it as a scientific facility to study gamma rays.

P1000479 P1000480

P1000485 P1000481

The ski resort is no longer used due to global warming; the glacier melted back in 2008, however it does still snow and at times it is possible to ski here.

The final walk to the peak of the mountain was difficult, it was a slow pace to the top.

P1000487 P1000497

P1000519 P1000513

Finally at the top; the view was worth it!


P1000522 P1000524